The bed is almost always the focal point of the bedroom. 

Make the most of it by staging it to impress buyers and capture their imaginations. 

Make it easy for them to picture themselves retreating and relaxing there, especially if it is the master bedroom.

Layer it 

The staged bed should look layered and interesting. It should look large and accommodating, even if it is just a twin bed. Here are some ways to get that look.

Soften it 

The bed should look comfortable. That means no sharp corners or edges. I often see MLS photos of beds that look like plywood draped with a bedspread and topped with two sad pillows. A duvet will soften those edges and give that illusion of ultra-comfort.

Study color

The bedding should coordinate with the room’s color scheme. Although it’s the focal point, it needn’t shout. Pick up the colors you see elsewhere in the room – in the window treatments, wall color, carpeting, rugs, artwork, or furniture pieces.

Location, location

Unless the room is L-shaped, the bed should be visible as one enters the room. The bed grounds the room, and the other elements “spin” off it. Buyers need to immediately connect with the function of the room.

Formula bedding

If you’re decorating-challenged, bedding comes in sets so that creating a beautifully made bed is as simple as making one purchase that includes the duvet, bed skirt, pillow shams, sheets, and decorator pillows

Neatness counts

Even though you want the look of a fluffy bed, it can’t look messy. Synthetic comforters are more likely to be smooth, while down comforters can look lumpy and a little too casual.

This looks silly

Avoid too many pillows. Counting the actual sleeping pillows, three is absolute minimum, and seven is maximum number of pillows. People don’t like overly staged homes and a bed full of fancy pillows looks artificial and contrived.

Crowning glory

Always have a headboard. It should be visible. If you can’t see the headboard or you are missing one, there is no shortage of headboard styles and DIY headboard ideas. I can show you how to make an inexpensive headboard here.

Finishing touches

A bedskirt will let you hide storage boxes under the bed, and gives the bed a finished look. I like a tailored skirt that always looks neat, instead of a dust ruffle that tends to be too feminine and cute for home staging.   
A seamless color scheme of neutrals with dashes of black
makes this bedroom calm and sophisticated. Photo: BHG


Letting coordinated linens like sheets and sleeping pillows peek
from under the covers is a fresh and honest look. Photo:Real Simple.


Repeating a pattern and certain colors is one simple way to make the bed
look designed rather than thrown together. Photo: House Beautiful.


White is always right. A smooth and simple cover, six pillows, a generous
headboard, a two-color palette -- What's not to love?  Photo: BHG.

Every bedroom needs
What’s essential for a bedroom that wins the hearts of buyers? 
  • A sense of luxury
  • A combination of coziness and spaciousness
  • Orderliness
  • Privacy 
At center stage, beds can convey all of these qualities if you give them the attention they deserve.

I wrote about bedrooms and how to appeal to what buyers want in a previous blog post and in my staging eBook. Be sure you’re not missing the opportunity to win buyers by dressing your bedrooms to address all the senses.  

Top Photo: BHG