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Let’s not fool ourselves. Selling a home isn't as easy as it used to be. Today's buyers are fussy. There are plenty of homes on the market. And they are priced right and looking good.

But if your home is staged it can be the one that stands out. The one that buyers fall in love with immediately. That makes them pay your full asking price. Or even more than what you’re asking.

Yes, selling your home just got a whole lot easier and faster because I’ve done your home staging homework for you.

I’m an in-the-trenches kind of gal who knows how to showcase a home on a tight budget. I’m offering you my 35 years of experience working in real estate, home construction, and interior décor. I understand what makes buyers tick and I’m passing these valuable insights and tips on to you today.

I’ll show you how to get the look that buyers want. I’ll show you how to eliminate or minimize what they don’t want. It’s not about throwing money at your home for improvements. It’s about fashioning “perceived value.” That's what home staging is all about!

I call my method of turning any house into a buyer’s dream home “Smart Staging.” If you Smart Stage your home, it will sell. Smart Staging gets your home sold faster, with less work, less negotiating, and more profit in your pocket.

I won’t waste your time with silly projects that don’t deliver bang for the buck, or with expensive remodels that don’t return their investment, and might even put buyers off.

Today’s buyers, educated by HGTV and the Internet, are savvy and demanding. They go online to speed-shop homes and take virtual tours. They expect properties to be move-in ready. They want outstanding value. If your home doesn’t make their hearts beat faster, they move on to the next one.

But with my proven Smart Staging, your home can move to the top of their list.

I promise my home staging books will maximize your home’s market price and its desirability, no matter what its age, style, or location. Or I will give you your money back.

DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar

For nuts-and-bolts home staging techniques, all the steps you can take to attract your buyer, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar, is the answer.

This 150-page, illustrated eBook puts you in the driver’s seat.

It’s a foolproof, practical guide that will let you create and prioritize a to-do list for taking your home to market. And it doesn’t demand special skills, power tools, a big budget or professional help.

You get handy checklists and timetables that take the stress and frustration out of selling a home and replace it with control and confidence. You get …
  • Over 200 home staging secrets that immediately impress buyers 
  • Ten critical Quick Fix Tips to prep your home on short notice 
  • Hundreds of no-fail home staging methods I’ve used successfully that emphasize any home’s assets and downplay its drawbacks 
  • Unique and proven tricks to stage your home’s exterior and boost that all-important curb appeal 
  • Five home staging strategies to use if your home is already on the market and hasn’t sold 
  • The seven most common DIY home staging sins and what to do instead 
  • And much, much more! 
This $4.99 eBook is the investment that pays you back over and over in both money and time saved. Guaranteed!

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No-Sew Curtains and Draperies to Stage Your Home

In a competitive market, a home needs to stand out. Other sellers, including model homes that buyers visit, are pulling out all the stops to make properties look new and irresistible.

The right window treatments will turn your ordinary or vacant rooms into rooms that buyers want to linger in, imagining themselves living there. Retail and custom window treatments are expensive and most DIY draperies require sewing skills.

This is no ordinary DIY window treatment manual. It's written especially for people ready to put a home on the market and make it look better with home staging.

With my window treatments eBook you’ll discover ways to dress your windows without any sewing. Illustrated tutorials take you step by step through 15 unique no-sew treatments, each with variations.

And none of them are pricey or complicated.

Here’s a peek at what’s included. You’ll learn how to --
  • Locate economical sources for fabrics 
  • Imitate the look of lined drapery panels without the expense or labor 
  • Easily hide a poor view, crucial for home staging success 
  • Quickly whip up cute café curtains that look custom but cost pennies 
  • Create trendy natural burlap draperies that could come straight out of a NYC showroom 
  • Hang luxurious draperies that no one will know are made from microfiber blankets 
  • Imitate high-end drapery hardware using inexpensive supplies 
  • Hem and join fabrics without any sewing, so you can design your own DIY window treatments 
  • Add designer touches that make budget panels look special 
  • Know what home staging methods work and what doesn’t for a home that’s for sale 
  • Use secret shortcuts to speed up your window dressing 
  • Turn a cheap plastic miniblind into one that looks like stylish natural bamboo 
Don’t waste another minute! You can download this eBook instantly and start dressing your windows today.

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How To Arrange Furniture – A Guide to Arranging Furniture Using What You Have

Do you wish your rooms looked more inviting, spacious, and comfortable? All without spending any money creating that look?

Sound impossible? It’s not!

Furniture arrangement is the key to making spaces look their best, yet most people struggle with what goes where. This book makes it easy – letting you in on all the insider techniques the pros know – and even the tricks some decorators don’t know.

Whether you are selling your home, redecorating, or just wanting to rearrange your rooms, my furniture arranging eBook makes it a snap to determine each room’s best use, best traffic paths, and best furniture placement.

I wrote it as a home staging guide, but almost every home has furniture placement problems. You'll find the solutions here.
You’ll discover…
  • All the tried-and-true formulas interior designers depend on 
  • Four unique and reliable tests to double-check your new arrangements 
  • How to choose a focal point 
  • Dozens of ways to make your rooms look bigger and newer 
  • Two different ways to approach furniture arranging (choose one depending on your personality) 
  • How improved traffic patterns can help sell your home 
  • Room-by-room rules for furniture placement most people don’t know about 
  • How to deal with the corner fireplace, an open floor plan, the dormer room, too many windows or doors, and other common problems 

Bonus section: Valuable pointers for arranging bookshelves, hanging artwork, placing rugs, and using artwork and mirrors. These are tips even professional home stagers don't know about!

You can enjoy a new furniture arrangement in your home tonight, one that looks and feels better than ever.

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Whether you are selling your home now, or thinking ahead to the day when you will, you’ve come to the right place. I will show you how to claim all the money your home is worth.

Selling a home doesn’t have to be an emotionally exhausting and frustrating time. Like thousands of other customers, you too can benefit from what I share about selling homes. Order my eBooks now so you can change your home from “listed” to “sold!”

My Money-Back Guarantee:

I’m so sure that—if you follow my proven home staging books —you’ll see increased profits when you sell your home, I’m offering you a money-back guarantee. Buy my home staging eBook and if you ever—for any reason—want a refund, I will give you your money back. No questions asked.