Are elephants warm and fuzzy? 
In a certain way, yes!



These are qualities that attract us to other people. So, it’s no surprise that the same qualities make a house attractive to home buyers. 

One of the best ways I know to make a room friendlier is to add reminders of nature.

Here are three ways to do just that:
  • Plants, real or silk ones.
  • A window with a garden view.
  • Natural lighting. 
And there’s another way to use nature to breathe life into a room: Animals, but not your housepets!

Here are some prime examples of how animal d├ęcor can make your home more interesting and lovable.

This sparsely furnished bedroom is the perfect setting for
some framed prints of English hunting scenes. Via Elle Decor
I'm partial to oil paintings of horses at rest.
This traditionally designed living room
gets an extra shot of class from
the painting. Midwest Magazine.
Bird art is always appealing. This one is a litttle
different, very attractive and modern. 

DIY art using animal graphics is easy to do, and can fill
wall space in a budget-staged home. Behr paints.

An elephant side table is timeless and crosses all
decor styles. They come in all sizes
and designs. I especially like this
glossy white one. Orange Beautiful. 
Another classic is foo dog ceramic ware.  
Feng Shui teaches that foo dogs offer protection.
This one stands guard and lights the way. Shades of Light.
Jungle animals and animals that people feel a
special kinship with are especially
good allies for staging your home.
Example: Monkey bookends. Apartment Therapy.

Almost any style of animal imaging -- if it's original --
works for home staging. Photo: Laurel Burch
Perhaps the most popular animal prints are the
leopard (above) and the zebra stripe.
One animal print per room is the usual rule,
but you can make your own rules! 
These Pottery Barn drapery panels feature
gorgeous bird designs, always
an attractive motif for home decor.
Don't forget your outdoor spaces.
This fish fountain sits on my back porch. 

While researching images for this post, I stumbled on some unwise choices, like glowing turtle lamps, owl placemats, and neon flamingos. So, beware the kitchy, overused, animal accents, and instead look for either lovable or exotic motifs. Stay away from less likable animals like snakes.

No unicorns, please. 

Pigs and chickens are iffy. 

Out of doors, be on guard against kitschy gnomes. 

One more caveat: don’t use real fur. If it’s fabric you’re after, velvet animal prints and faux furs are what you want. 

Sometimes staged rooms become too sterile. Using wildlife images and imitations can give rooms some animal magnetism and whimsy if you do it with style.  

If you need more inspiration and advice on staging your home so you can sell it, download my eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar. Let me be your guide while you get your home ready for market.