The only real plant here is the spindly little sedum coming to life after a winter slumber.

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who adore artificial plants, and those who abhor them.   

Maybe there is a third group -- those of us who didn't sign on with either team, but certainly find plastic and silk plants useful for home staging, and at other times when we want to decorate with a bit of drama, but be sensible about it.
This cactus is "growing" in an abalone shell. Or is he?
I am linking this post to Photo Feature Friday, at A Rosy Note. I took these photos of succulents I have used for home staging. See if you can tell which are real and which are made of plastic. 

A small grouping of succulent plants in natural stone or clay pots can create an outdoor focal point, just the way a small herb garden does, as I wrote about last week. These kinds of focal points are part of exterior staging. They actually make your home feel more friendly. And I'm guessing that's the first time cactus plants have been called friendly.

This perky guy is living in a hypertufa planter I made to resemble stone (more trickery!). 
But succulents, either real or faux, make excellent accent pieces indoors as well as outdoors. They are the ultimate houseplant, making minimal demands for attention. Some sun, a little water, and they are happy. And if you choose plastic cactus, well, all they ask for is to be dusted! 

You can buy a collection of succulents like this one ready-made, pot and all.
I've found that although most of the really convincing silk plants like orchids, ferns, lilies, tulips, and peonies are pricey, you can easily get away with buying dollar store cactus and still pull it off in style. Perhaps it's the nature of these plants, their simple structure and smooth textures. 

To make them appear even more natural, put them in natural clay or stone containers. Stick their stems in floral foam or sand, and cover the surface with pebbles or river rocks. Or just let the sand be visible. Bingo! You're done.

The only real cactus represented here does, I admit, have a luminosity the others don't.
Using pretend plants is one example of smart DIY home staging. Staging your home for the real estate market doesn't have to take big bucks. Most of what you have will serve you just fine, thank you. I can show you how to refresh and update. My eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar, concentrates on saving money and getting results. It's  easily down-loadable now, and comes with my money-back guarantee.