Art in your staged home should emphasize the best qualities your home has.

Do you feel that your home is charming and cozy, old fashioned and maybe a little bit country? If so,  shabby chic art can be your go-to art style.

While too much shabby chic style decor can make a staged home look too girly, too crowded, or too tattered, a little goes a long way.

There's nothing like an old, framed oil painting of roses or a painted tray to make a room feel homey.

It won't work in all settings, but here are some tips for using these pretty paintings.

Bathrooms and bedrooms especially lend themselves to these pretty pastel renderings. Small ones can be tucked into a corner of the bath, and larger ones can hang over a dresser or bed.

On the other hand, contemporary rooms look more pulled together if the art is modern. Posters, photographs and abstract paintings are going to work better than what I am calling shabby chic art. So, if you're going for a more polished, modern, uptown look, skip the vintage florals in chippy frames.

There's nothing wrong with clustering a group of small floral paintings on one wall. In fact, it's preferable to scattering them around the room.

Shabby or cottage style art doesn't always have to be paintings. Boxes, tabletops, trays and lamps that pick up the vintage look have the same charming effect on a room.

A lamp like this one from Lamps Plus is ornate
enough to carry a room that's too simple. You don't 
have to spend big bucks for a new lamp 
because any plain lamp base can be dressed up with a rose decoupage or decal to comnvert it to something similar in mood to this sample.
The pastel colors -- like the
ones in the p[hoto of the tray from
Such Pretty Things -make shabby chic
so appealing are the same
colors that make home staging work well.
They are non-offensive and familiar.

There's nothing wrong with mixing new with vintage. One of the principles of shabby chic is combining elements that don't usually appear together, like fine crystal and wrinkled linens.

Art doesn't have to be graphic art. A mirror can qualify as wall art, especially if it reflects aspects of your room you want to make sure buyers notice.

Mirrors with elaborately carved frames are easier to find second hand than art with frames that lend themselves to a distressed finish. Here, the contemporary lamp fits in perfectly. Photo:

You can find shabby chic and cottage style artwork suitable for staging at flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores and eBay. I've found that a search of "vintage rose paintings" gets you better results than "shabby chic art," on eBay.

I wrote about the good and not-so-good points of decorating shabby chic style if you are selling a home in this post.

Top photo: Country Living