The famous Skippy. She is a lady and she never leaves an unpleasant aroma in her wake.

I'm spending a few days babysitting my two young grandsons where they live. We're "home alone," while my daughter and her husband take a well deserved vacation. I'm also sitting for Skippy and and Jenga, their two tiger cats.

Cats in the Staged Home

Since I have never owned a cat, having to feed and clean up after one is new to me. Kids, yes. Kitties, no. What else is new to me is that a cat box doesn't have to smell up the whole room.

Have kitty litter formulas changed over the past few years, or have I visited only cat owners who never scooped poop?

I have the kind of nose that, if I walk my dog on a summer evening, I can tell you what each neighbor is cooking for dinner, and what is blooming in their yard. And I will be triple bagging what I have to pick up after Misty. I have a sensitive nose, and if I can't detect any nasty cat bathroom scents, no one can.

Animal Smells Are a Turn-off

Home sellers with pets, there is NO reason for any unpleasant animal aromas in your home. None. The product that Skippy and Jenga use is Fresh Step brand, Premium Multiple Cat Scoopable. It contains carbon for odor absorption. It's lightly scented. It makes easy work of what could be a stinky chore.   

This post is short because I'm scheduled for a reading of Goodnight, Moon. 

Jenga likes a bedtime story, too.