More back door appeal than curb appeal, this fountain's 
soft gurgle is what will greet househunters when 
they step out onto the deck.
I did some cleaning at the condo after dinner, and then dealt with getting some things in the van for tomorrow. I wanted to be putting things in the van in the dark so the neighbors won't see me and think we're moving. Silly, I know.

We still have a few large pieces to get over there--loveseat, floor lamps, office credenza, bakers rack, wall mirror. Mr. Lucky's not totally on board with the two nightstands from our room and the drop leaf table in the kitchen with two chairs, so I'm a little discouraged by that. Not only does it mean I have to be diplomatic, compromise, and pick my battles, I have to do more of the moving and bed-construction myself (because I want it done "my way," ** stomping her foot **).

But I am very encouraged by the way the place is looking. I've got a little fountain by the back door that gurgles water from a fish's mouth. Sweet. The baths are looking boutique-hotel and the dry bar closet is all staged.