Just when you think you're done staging, there's one more detail that needs attention.

To celebrate finishing up the condo rehabbing/staging project, we were going to go to a nearby coastal town for a fabulous seafood dinner, but we got hung up working out some electrical tweaks at the condo with Mr.Carpenter.

He told us he enjoyed working with us because we knew what we were doing, had taste (he said that!), and didn't change our minds about things once the project was underway. 

Then we went for burgers right here in town.  And relaxed. For the first time in weeks.

All the work was worth it! Here's a look at the finished project, with apologies for poor photography.  

We kept the entrance to the condo uncomplicated.

The larger bedroom has comfy bedding, matching
side tables and good lighting.
One bathroom, small but pretty, is off the master bedroom.

The entrance room gets the most sun.
We staged it like an office/family/TV room.
This view shows how nice and high the ceiling is.
We chose to paint the entire unit one color, a warm beige.
Staging with a twin bed rather than a double made
the second bedroom look more spacious.

Off the living room, this closet became a dry bar.

 Even though the property isn't on the beach, 
I wanted a clean, beach feel to it.

A marina is visible from the kitchen. We're pleased
with our updated cabinets.

A new range and microwave/hood made a big difference. 
Adding new cabinet doors was one of the biggest changes. 
I used some polka dot ribbon to play up the
nailhead trim on the bath mirror. 
The other bath also has a new mirror, one with
a wide white frame that goes wall to wall. 
The deck chairs are supposed to have cushions,
but I like the clean look without them.
On the other end of the deck, I added a fountain
because it sounds so relaxing.