When you have a home on the real estate market, buyers judge it from the first few seconds they enter it. That initial impression can be improved or worsened as they tour your home. 

The best way to make sure buyers continue to react favorably to your home once they come inside, is to have one distinct decorating style that runs through your whole house. 

There's an easy way to make this happen. Begin by giving a specfic name to your home's decor style. 

That's right. Having a lable on the look and feel of your home will help you whittle down the furniture and accessories for a more pulled-together, streamlined look. 

It will also make it easier to shop for any additional decor pieces you might need. 

And naming your style will help you coordinate any improvements you are planning. You're more likely to choose the perfect colors for painting projects you've planned. You'll know which of your furrniture pieces should take center stage. You'll nail the right kind of lighting fixtures if you change any of your lights. You'll know exactly the kind of window treatments to use for staging.

How to choose a name

To start, think of all the things you love about your home. Is it the spaciousness? The natural lighting? The floor plan? These are likely the things that will appeal to buyers as well. Think about how you can capitalize on those features when you stage or decorate your home. 

Ideally, what you love about your home jives with your home's architecture. Decorating a modern ranch home in shabby chic style, or a sleek downtown condo in a farmhouse style isn't the best approach to staging. Be true to your home's structure. 

Try this exercise: Imagine the two or three words that define your home's feel and look. Think of at least two adjectives. Then add a noun if you can, so it reads like this -- Cozy, clean cottage, or Funky, industrial loft, or Family-friendly space. 

Try these on for size

If you need other examples, here are some others. 

Warm Woodsy Retreat

Upscale Urban Condo

Intimate Parisian Apartment

Casual Traditional Home

Colorful Victorian Mansion

Choosing words

Let's look at some interiors that have expressed different homeowner styles, photos to which I've given three-word labels.   

Here's a prime example of a room that's decorated
Scandinavian style. It could be called a simple,
textured space
. And it could be your style
if you consdier yourself a minimalist and your

home is sunny. Photo: Fantastic Frank
A casual, coastal retreat doesn't have to be filled
 with shells and rope lamps and nautical paintings. Having a
clean, blue and white color scheme goes a
long way to capture the vibe. 
Photo: Barclay Butera
Symmetrical placement of things like the windows, lamps, cushions, chairs,
and artwork combine with soft textures and comfortable seating
to make this living room a comfortable traditional room.
Photo: Annabell Holland Design 

Look at this interesting mix of antiques, natural fabrics,
and white-painted furniture. It's a nice example of 
fresh cottage style, one of the most economical looks to  
pull off when home staging. Photo: Cottage Living Magazine
 A beautiful dining are sets the tone for this glamorous Asian home.
The upholstered Chippendale chairs, traditonal chinisorerie ceramics 
and clean furniture lines speak to the Oriental influence and the
artwork, color scheme, and chandelier
are downright elegant.  Photo: Monica Wants It

Victorian style can be dark and stuffy, but in this picture
it is balanced by white walls for a fresh, modern Victorian
look. Do your furnishings include some heavy,
ornate pieces? Do you have some collections worthy of 
display? Add some architectural salvage pieces and
potted palms! Photo: Emily Henderson via House Beautiful

Get the look, get the book

If you want to improve the marketability of your home for sale, simplifying your decor style is one of the best ways to give your home a stylish makeover. Once you've named the vision your want your home to have, you can often achieve that look simple by narrowing your furnishings down to what fits your new style, and look adding some elements that drive it home! 

For all the DIY tips and professional secrets you need to make your home staging project go smoothly, be sure to download my eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast for Top Dollar.  

Top Photo: Style at Home