I know there are people in the world who look forward to prepping, listing, and showing their home when they sell it. I have never met one of these people. I only hear that they exist! 

Most people feel overwhelmed in this situation. The decisions. The tasks. The schedules. The people. The money.  

I think the difference between the people who easily handle the stress of selling, and the people who dread it is experience -- how many times they've done it. So, let's look at the advice these experienced sellers give for making the selling process less stressful.

When the home you are selling is staged, it gives you an edge
 over comparable homes that aren't staged. Staging
gives buyers an emotional connection. Photo: Pottery Barn

Have a plan

Some of what makes up the selling process will be beyond your control -- things like how the economy is where you live, what outstanding livability factors are in your area (like schools, hospitals, taxes, water quality, etc.), how many buyers are looking for your kind of home, how quickly you need to sell your property, and what your ongoing costs are. 

But you can reduce your worry about these unknowns by making a map of what is within your control.

What's your choice for handling decisions? Perhaps you gather advice from experts or educate yourself online. A licensed Realtor is going to be one of these consultants. Enlist one from the beginning and you'll unburden yourself from some of selling's hassles and potential slip-ups. 

Make a schedule for yourself, however you like to plan your days, weeks and months. Distinguish between what you can delegate to family, friends, or paid professionals, and what you need to do yourself. Distinguish between what's urgent and what is a mere distraction. Once your tasks are prioritized and scheduled, you're bound to think more clearly and make good decisions.

I've blogged about the five steps to pain-free home staging so you have a good framework to plan your staging.  

Staging your own home can be an enjoyable as well as
economically wise experience if you plan your
time, energy and budget. Photo: Stone Meadow Homes.

Take care of yourself

During busy and stressful times of our lives we often put self-care on the back burner, and it's during these times that we need to take the best care of our health -- both mental and physical.

I'm not talking about bubble baths and wine (although these things can certainly come in handy!). Preparing your home for market calls for some energy and even strength to declutter it, clean it, and stage it so buyers love it.

Don't ignore your body's well-being. Keep up your appointments with your primary care physician and others who help you stay healthy -- any specialists you need or others you see regularly like a chiropractor or physical therapist or your yoga classes. 

Staying mentally healthy will keep you on an even keel. Don't go it alone. If you don't have a close partner in residence, connect regularly with a family member or friend who can lend emotional support. It may take the shape of a daily Facetime with your sister out of state, or a weekly chat with your Realtor. 

It's important to connect with people who give you confidence and understand what you aim to accomplish. Your discussions don't always have to revolve around real estate, moving, cleaning, and home staging. Sometimes a movie, some escape literature, your favorite music, a massage, or a dinner date are perfect excuses to relax and give you a fresh perspective. 

When you're selling, surround yourself with
a support network, and ignore the people who refuse 
to acknowledge the value of home staging. Real estate
stats show that staged homes sell faster
for better prices.  Photo: Stone Mountain Homes

Get the look, get the book

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