I'm happy to share with you what grabbed my attention during the past month. Let's all savor the last weeks of less structured time and get ready to launch into the fall season ahead. And cooler temps I hope.

House and garden

A mostly white kitchen is timeless. I loved looking at these 25 examples. Although these photos are not necessarily examples of the kind of staging that sells a home, there's usually something that can trigger your thoughts about how a home on the market can look better to buyers. At least you will see kitchen styles that are trending. 

Don't miss the chance to taste some kitchen eye candy
with these delicious kitchen pictures. Photo: Apartment Therapy

This summer has been a good one for gardens, with plenty of sun and rain. I'm glad it was the year I decided to focus on a cutting garden. Since it's in the backyard, it doesn't have to be beautiful from the street, and I don't feel guilty about cutting whatever blossoms or greenery I fancy that day. It's given me a lush variety of fresh flowers indoors week after week, starting with plants like lilies, irises, and snapdragons in the spring, and gladiolas, gomphrena, and celosia this summer, with a promise of freesias and zinnias all autumn. 

Cosmos and sunflowers grew as tall as me.
I'll definitely expand my cutting garden next year. 


If you are staging your home it's probable you are decluttering it. And if you are beginning to think that you have too many books, it's time to read this short post from How Stuff Works that lists the best ways to downsize your book collection. 

Are you a creative person? Right now you can find out with this simple, 4-minute test for creativity. It's fun, you'll have your answer right away, and there are no strings attached.

Do you have a creative mind? Find out now. Photo: Fast Company

Armchair travel

Whether you are a true Anglophile or not, there's bound to be some inspiring views for you on Ben Pentreath's blog. He's an English architect/city planner/interior designer/nature lover who usually spends weekends in the country after a busy week working in London. He always posts gorgeous photos of the English countryside and that simple, leisurely English lifestyle. You might also enjoy his company's interior design portfolio.

Wherever Ben Pentreath goes he takes pictures for his blog. 
This one captures a relaxing moment from a weekend in Scotland.
It wasn't until I left home that I realized how uniquely charming it is where I grew up around Mystic, Connecticut was. Every location has something special about it. I hope you have many things to love about the place where you live. Fun Fact: The movie Mystic Pizza was only partially filmed there. 

Mystic has been inhabited since the 1600s and has a long history
of early American shipbuilding. It's now known for its recreated
Olde Mystik Village, Aquarium, Seaport Museum, boating,
plus all the restaurants and shopping tourists expect. Photo: Redfin

Food prep

No matter what school of nutrition you subscribe to, it seems like there is agreement about one thing across the board -- that vegetables are good for you. I am aiming for more variety of them in my menus. To that end, I purchased The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook to give me some new ideas. It does not disappoint. Whether you are eating vegan or keto or standard American diet (aptly given the acronym SAD), there are ideas and recipes for anyone to try. I especially liked the Tuna and Zucchini Burgers, and the Eggplant Relish Spread.  

All my recommendations are based on my own experience,
not on affiliate links or paid endorsements. 
Whenever I think my diet for the day is missing enough leafy greens, I turn to a product I always have on hand -- Green Magma. It's a powder of dehydrated barley grass juice. It's rich in enzymes and Vitamin A, as well as other important elements. It's quick and easy to mix up a snack that's healthful. Just whisk it up with water or liquid, like fruit juice, coconut water, or almond milk. Great addition to smoothies! 

My favorite formula is to whisk 2 teaspoons Green Magma powder, 
with 1/2 cup yogurt, and about 6 ounces of pineapple juice    

Enjoy your September. And remember to stay curious!