If worrying about your home sale is keeping you up at night, you're not alone.

If you talk to people who've sold their homes, they will usually tell you how much they hated the time between when they listed their properties and when they closed.

They can have good reasons for their frustration. Most sellers are trying to keep the house show-ready.

They might be dealing with difficult negotiations or lowball offers.

Maybe the local housing market is overloaded with properties and they're not getting many showings. Perhaps they are in a time crunch to move.

Having a decluttered and staged home will go a long way toward minimizing these obstacles. Staged homes statistically sell faster and for more money than unstaged ones.  To shorten the wait time even more, and at the same time, take the worry out of waiting, try these tricks experienced sellers use.

Vacant house

If you've moved from the home you've listed, whether it's been staged or not (I hope it is!), checking the property regularly is a good idea. You can't assume every Realtor will make sure a toilet isn't running, that pillows are fluffed, and that lights are turned off.  

If you've moved so far away that you can't easily visit your old home, can you ask a neighbor or friend to stop by? In addition to making sure everything is locked up, he or she could sweep the walkway, remove any junk mail, and brush any cobwebs or debris away from the front entrance area.

Don't let your staging results go to waste. Maintain an appearance that makes your house stand out from others -- the cleanliness and other signs that someone loves and cares for the home. Don't look desperate to sell or that you've already left town and written off the property. You'll only attract low offers.

Knowing that your home is perfect for someone takes
the pressure off you. A clean house priced right will sell. 

Occupied house

It's not unusual for folks living in a decluttered and staged home to enjoy the minimal lifestyle. To me, it's like the ninth month of a pregnancy when everything is ready for the new baby and you are looking forward to the adventure ahead.

Of course, waiting for an offer on a house you're still occupying has challenges, too. You can't live a regular life without creating a little chaos around you.

Although it's impossible (without a live-in maid) to keep your home looking like a model home, having routines and practices that keep your homestaging intact will go a long way towards making your home tempting to buyers. People buy a lifestyle when they buy a home.

I often hear people who finish their staging tell me, "I wish I had done this sooner, so I could enjoy my home looking like this."

Check your mindset

Keep your home fresh while it's on the market. If the seasons change, change things like throw pillows and the front door wreath to reflect the time of year. Cooperate with real estate agents to make it easy for them to schedule showings.    

Every seller, every home has a sweet spot between holding out for the perfect selling price and not jumping at the first serious offer. Stay current with what comparable homes in your market are selling for. A good listing agent will guide you towards what's a realistic price. Having confidence that your price is right will help you be patient.

Buyers can often discern when a seller is over-anxious
for a sale. Don't appear vulnerable
to discounted offers by regularly taking
small chips off an inflated asking price

If you are still in knots about your home's sale, find a way to deal with the stress. This could be the time to learn a new skill or take up a hobby you're curious about. Socialize and exercise.
Enjoy the time you have in your home. Play tourist in your hometown before you relocate. Learn about your future neighborhood, town, or state.

Get the look, get the book

Need more encouragement and suggestions about staging and selling your home? Download my home staging eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar. It's a 150-page pdf that will guide you step by step through doing it yourself with style and ease.