Would you like to earn a living as a professional stager?

Maybe you already stage homes for friends and now you want to expand, to legitimize your business.   

Being in business for yourself can be a dream or a nightmare.

It depends on two things: your personality and your preparation.

Fortunately, both these things can be bolstered by some old-fashioned self-discipline and a willingness to learn.

Let’s talk personality. Just like any other small business owner, a successful professional home stager needs certain abilities beyond just a love for home décor.

If you ask yourself the questions below you'll get a handle on your self-employment profile. The more yes answers you can give, the more likely you're a candidate for becoming your own boss, do what you love, and make money! 


Am I a self-starter? Do I have a history of taking the initiative to achieve what I have wanted? Is home staging something I have been interested in for more than a few months?

It's important to keep learning. It's easy to do today
with podcasts and online course! 


Do I stay on task? Can I begin and complete without losing interest or focus? Do I have a history of completing both large and small projects?

Social skills

Am I a people person? Do I have a large circle of friends and acquaintances? Do I enjoy connecting with new people and maintaining ongoing relationships? Am I presently active on social media? Am I willing to expand my social media efforts? Do I have the support of my family?

The smaller your company is the more of
the hands-on work you'll be doing yourself. 

Styling skills 

Do I have a good eye for home décor, color and style? Do I have a passion for interior decorating, real estate and home improvement? Have friends and family always praised the way my own home appears and functions? And -- shameless promotion alert -- have you read the three eBooks I've written to help people stage homes?

Whatever skills you have will 
be useful in a home staging career.


Do I enjoy studying? Am I prepared to enlarge my skillset and stay current with trends in home decor, business, and the home staging field?


Am I organized? Can I maintain accurate records, and keep office supplies and home staging inventory neat and logically arranged? Can I handle stress and juggle numerous projects simultaneously?


Do I manage my time well? Do I usually deliver what I promise on time? Am I punctual? Do I keep to daily, weekly and monthly schedules? Do I enjoy the process of keeping track of details?

Your story?

My story has been that I don't naturally gravitate to all the requirements of a home staging professional. I choose my clients carefully because I don't maintain a warehouse of inventory. My financial skills are not professional so I get help in that department. I've had to teach myself some technical skills and find workarounds for areas where I'm not fully experienced or motivated. 

Being a hard worker with multiple years of experience in a variety of related fields -- real estate, construction, sewing, painting, gardening, networking, decorator, graphic artist, writer, crafter -- has allowed me to earn good money as a home stager. Having a supportive family is a great booster, too.

Sometimes home staging calls for get-down-and-dirty routines! 

We’ve all seen various kinds of businesses fail despite the founders being passionate, motivated, and talented. You probably even know someone who’s spent time and money creating her dream business from her hobby, only to see her abandon it before recouping her investment. I hope that person wasn’t you.  

I am a big fan of self-employment and have been a business owner for much of my working life. I know it takes more than love of the work, putting in long hours, and money to make a success of any business. If you are considering entering the field of professional home staging, consider how your personality fits being an entrepreneur before buying any expensive training programs.

With eyes wide open, you'll have a better chance to create and maintain a profitable home staging business. One thing is for sure: you'll need my eBook DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar, as well as as my eBooks on furniture arranging, and no-sew window treatments! Let me show you the insider secrets to effective and economical home staging.