A month doesn’t seem like a long time. But it is when you commit to doing something every one of those days, whether you want to or not.

I never ran a marathon, I’ve never been called an overachieving type A, and I’m about as competitive as a jellyfish, so pushing myself to create a new blog post for 31 consecutive days didn’t come naturally.

In one way I enjoyed the test to come up with fresh content under pressure. I was almost glad that the self-imposed deadlines came at me fast and furious.
But I missed the satisfaction that I was posting the best tutorials, photos and writing that I could – if only I had more time.

I’m Hanging It Up

I learned quite a bit searching, dreaming, experimenting, and writing about wall art for homestaging in the past month.

I hope you’ve learned along with me. I hope you’ve picked up some tips about decorating your walls.

Whether you are staging your own home, staging other people’s homes, or just having fun with art, I like to think I helped.  

Everyone needs a creative outlet. Blogging is mine. Maybe you’ll find a new creative outlet or art form in the tutorials I’ve posted.

Summary of home staging art basics 

An effective home stager should know these facts when choosing wall art.
  • Art for staging should never be offensive or controversial
  • Big is best.
  • There are economical and easy ways to create your own art.
  • A variety of media are suitable for staging art -- paintings, textiles, collages, photos and combinations of these forms.
  • Framing and matting can make all the difference.
As your high school teacher might have said, “If you forget everything else I’ve said this semester, remember those points.”

Be sure to download my eBooks for home staging. You’ll find more ways to increase the value of your home.