My first mistake was to not check Pinterest to see what others have done using bleach as an art tool.

My second mistake was not to own a bleach pen.

So, I thought it was a good idea to mix a  50/50 solution of bleach and water, and then use an eye dropper to draw on good ole, cheap construction paper.

I liked the results, shown in the photo on the right. And I should have stopped there. But I wanted to do another "kitchen-themed" printmaking tutorial. My mind turned to cookie cutters.

"It'll be great!" I told myself, envisioning soft, thick-lined drawings of birds and stars and hearts on dark colored papers.

But the results were a disappointment. None of my cookie cutters, whether they were metal or plastic, upside down or right side up, on hard surfaces of soft, would produce a reliable outline. It wasn't foolproof either: one drop or splatter of the bleach solution and the page was ruined.

How to Do

You can still produce a beautiful piece of art using bleach in an eye dropper. Or better yet, a bleach pen.

If you're not comfortable doing a rapid freehand drawing,
you can do more careful but still simple drawings like these dandelions I drew. 

To draw on construction paper for staging, I suggest you use a free hand and don't plan on a detailed picture. Play Picasso. Do a bunch and frame the best.

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Cookie cutter prints = no go. Even my dog (left) turned up her Beagle nose at them.