The typical homeowner will arrange furniture in one of two ways. Either she will place furnishings where they seem to function best -- an end table snug up next to the sofa, chairs clustered around the dining table -- or she will place furniture as if on display, maybe the way her mother or grandmother arranged furniture decades ago

When a home is on the market, each of these approaches, done without an understanding of home staging, can work against making the right impression on buyers. Today, homes need to look terrific in photographs. But they also need to be believable, practical, and functional.   

I’ve collected all the tips and tricks, all the best professional designer advice, all the guidelines and formulas in one place -- an eBook devoted exclusively to arranging furniture to make rooms look better and function better, too. I wrote with the home seller in mind, someone staging her own home to sell it fast for a good price. But the advice will resonate with anyone who takes pride in her home and wants it to look its best. 

Sitting areas should feel cozy but not cramped.

Whether it's formal or not, the dining room's importance can't be underestimated.
To look inviting, bedrooms should always feature more than 
the bed.  
A fireplace in the room presents a number of possibilities. Which one is right? 
Every buyer wants spaciousness. Furniture placement can enhance the appearance of roominess.
The size and style of furnishings are just as important as where they are placed.  

Here are the kinds of topics I cover in this easy-to-understand eBook --  

  • How to create a dining room that gets used!
  • What to do about a corner fireplace
  • 4 Unusual ways to test your furniture arrangement
  • How to find a focal point
  • How to take measurements and when not to bother
  • 7 Tips that make a home office function well
  • How to make large rooms feel comfortable and small rooms feel spacious
  • What to do about a path that goes between television and couch
  • How to easily place wall art
  • Best arrangements for narrow rooms
  • Plus tips on 
          Family Rooms
          and -- especially -- Staging your home for sale

Don't let poor furniture arrangement ruin your chances to impress buyers, 
whether they are seeing your home online, on a cell video, or on a personal home tour.

  I’ve titled my extra-helpful book 
It’s a 25-page pdf that you download now.