This is the kind of freeting every home needs.
What's a freeting? Read on!
When you're a home seller, you soon learn that the everyday English language fails you.

You meet people, run into situations, and even DO things that demand a new word. Like these I have coined:


Inflatable mattress dressed to look like a regular bed.

Bubble Bath 

A grandiose master bath built at the height of the housing boom.


Older home that looks good.


A price reduction because the home was cluttered with too many cute plates on the walls.

Drive-by Shooting 

When a home buyer drives neighborhoods snapping photos on a cell phone to send a significant other for immediate feedback.

Flip Flop

Home renovated to sell, but done poorly.


First impression the foyer of your home gives to those arriving.
We could call this house "a cougar." 


For sale by crazy person, a phrase used to describe a home overpriced because the seller thinks he doesn’t have to pay a Realtor.


Craft room

Half Baked

Kitchen not staged


A text message that the people coming to view your home (that you spent all weekend cleaning) bought another home.

Lady Ga Ga

A married couple tours your home and only the wife falls in love with it.
A leather sofa like this will not need to be "pillowized." Photo: brabbu


When you SO desperately want a room in your house to look like a photo in a magazine, it actually happens!


Towels exclusively reserved for when people are coming to view your home.


When a home seller buys all the staging accessories in one trip to Target.    


Neighbor from hell


Efforts made to cover couch stains with large, decorator pillows.


Shortening draperies and curtains by using masking tape or duct tape


White thrifted finds. All the furniture you bought second hand, and then painted white to stage your home. 


Artificial wow factor, such as an avocado refrigerator painted with stainless steel paint.

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Top photo: Meg Broff Interiors