What better way to show off a fireplace
in summer than filling it with mirrors,
the way Eddie Ross has done? 

Most home buyers are drawn to a fireplace like moths to a flame. But in hot weather, a fireplace doesn't have all the magnetism it does on a snowy winter day. 

In the summertime, all your rooms should feel cool and refreshing.
Feng shui experts say that a fireplace makes a room “hot” because it represents the “fire element,” and that an empty, unused fireplace represents lifeless or drained energy.

Even if you don't know beans about feng shui, you can't deny that there’s nothing appealing about an empty fireplace, no matter what the season. 

It’s a black hole in one wall. It looks like something’s missing or not working.   

Are there simple ways to showcase your fireplace without suggesting heat? Yes. Here's how.
Whether you're decorating in a coastal style or not, 
you can't go wrong with an oversized clamshell, 
either empty or filled with shells or plants. 
Real or faux succulents or a fern would add a summery 
touch. Photo: Ali Wentworth via Completely Coastal.

A mirror in front of the firebox brightens any space, 
and a round one like this adds some essential curves 
to a room with so many stripes and squares. 
Photo: Porch Light Interiors

Diane Henkler at her blog, In My Own Style, designed 
this ever-so-sweet decorative fireplace screen
She made it no-sew, from cloth attached to a 
dressmaker's folding board designed to cut fabric.

If you are going to have logs in your fireplace in 
summer, add some hardware like a handsome grate 
or something like these anchor-themed andirons. 
Photo: Traditional Home

More Summer Staging Tips

Keep animal prints packed away during warm months. No furry pillows allowed until autumn.

In summer, flowers and plants make more sense than candles in the firebox.

Keep your staging colors on the cool side of the palette. When in doubt, concentrate on white for a refreshing summer color scheme.

Accessorize with glass and colorful ceramics rather than heavy crockery and earthenware.

Make sure your firebox is clean, even if it is hidden behind a screen. Buyers will look inside.

Your Realtor should indicate that your fireplace is a working fireplace if it is functional. I think it's legit to stage a fireplace that is not functional, as long as the MLS listing gives the true facts.

 Need more ideas for fireplace staging? Visit my Pinterest board, Fireplaces Off-Season

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