Calling it a Makeover is an exaggeration. But it was definitely a Spruce Up.

When a friend listed her home, the patio (that she never seemed to have time to enjoy) needed some attention.

Like most people getting ready to sell and move, she didn't want to sink money into things like patio furniture or potted plants.

So I loaned her what I had -- a couple of wire chairs and matching bench, some annuals in planters, and elbow grease.

Four  Steps

Step one was to get rid of empty flower pots, and leaves that had blown in.

Next, I needed to weed what could be considered a flower bed --a short strip of soil near the fence that was mulched with marble chips.

Step three was to scrub the concrete with a bleach solution.

Finally, I brought in the furniture and flowers. I stated at one o'clock and was finished at three o'clock.

Often a simple clean-up and dress-up is all that a room or a space needs to get it ready for a home tour.
This is what I started with -- a neglected area off the side of the home, full of potential
It was a simple job to whip this patio into shape.
I chose flowers that would stay in bloom and didn't need much attention. 
These spring flowers lasted two months -- until the new owner moved in! 
I'm glad that my friend is able to enjoy her patio until her house sold.

Do you have outdoor spaces that you've ignored or allow to become catch-all areas? It's easy to stage them to become places buyers can envision themselves relaxing and entertaining. 

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