I found these bright ornamental peppers growing in oversized urns outside my hotel in Saint Augustine, Florida. To me, they captured the spirit of a sunny location. Plants can remind home buyers of the kind of climate they are buying into.


This interesting assortment of greenery in stylish pots
makes an otherwise dull corner of some  
 back door steps look special.
Photo: Southern City Farm and Landscaping 
Plants on this porch make the space more friendly and inviting. Photo: Young House Love

Point the way

Your plants can keep the eye moving around an exterior space such as a porch or patio, so that the entire area gets noticed. They can even act as directional aids, encouraging people to "walk this way." For a unified rather than helter-skelter look, keep the containers in the same family -- all clay, all metal, all stone, all wood, all baskets, or all ceramic.

Upgrade your home's quality

Good-quality flower pots are impressive, but not necessarily expensive. They can elevate the quality quotient of a house. Economical plastic pots can be faux-finished to look like stone so there is no excuse to have cheap-looking planters as part of your home staging. Keep on the lookout at thrift stores and discount big box stores for generous-sized pots at good prices.

Look for bargains, and consider money spent on
planters a good investment because they 
 will add to the perceived value of your 
 property, and you still get to keep them long-term. 

Soften and transform spaces

Containers of live, colorful flowers make any area look more comfortable. Plants in pots can convert a concrete slab into a refreshing oasis, a balcony into a private retreat, or an unused porch into an outdoor living room. You'll want to concentrate on just the areas that need emphasis. Overdoing it can create a funeral parlor look. 

The addition of colorful annuals at the entrance of this home
helps the property photograph better and makes it stand out.  

I took this photo in Charleston, South Carolina.
The soft plantings in almost invisible window boxes added
just the right amount of color to this elegant facade.  

Make your property unique

A striking container plant, or a group of plants in attractive pots will set your home apart. When people go house hunting, they often view a few houses in one afternoon. That oversized bucket of fluorescent double impatiens on your front porch could be the identifying marker that home buyers remember when they mentally review the homes they toured. Just make sure the plants look tended, not neglected.

Any home in any location offers opportunities for colorful 
plantings and outdoor floral arrangements.

Get the  look, get the book

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