When it's time to sell your home, you want it looking its absolute best. As we go into prime buying season, let's review some home staging basics. I've gone through my collection of photographs to illustrate the most important aspects of a well-staged house.

Make sure your front door looks colorful, clean, and welcoming.

Keep the areas around exterior doors free of clutter and distracting landscaping.

When you have a historic home, let visitors know that the property has a history.

Buyers prefer that pets live outside, and have accommodations of their own, even French doors. 

A garage is a plus, so stage it to call attention to it.

When you have a room with a fireplace, do whatever it takes to make the fireplace the focal point.

Don't use family photos unless they show you and your family relaxing with celebrities.

Shabby chic is still a popular decorating style, so leave some fixtures with patina in place.

Everyone wants a home office, so stage one area to look like a clean, contemporary office space.

Mixing patterns makes a room look up-to-date and interesting.

Add personality to a room with carefully selected wallpaper.

The right window treatments will make small windows look larger.

Be sure to stage an outdoor entertaining area. 

Pictures arranged artistically on the walls make a room look luxurious.  

Tune in again tomorrow, April 2, for some serious tips to help sell your home!