I am sure you already have 
some home staging skills.

To be honest, doing your own home staging can take some sweat, some muscle, some money, some time.

But consider the two alternatives.

The first alternative is that you do not stage at all, and so accept less money for your home, and wait a longer time for it to sell. Statistics support this fact.

The other alternative is to not do your own staging, and instead hire a professional home stager to do the job.

Folks, read my blog. I am here to steer you in the DIY direction. In fact, I'm pushing you.

I'm going to venture a wild and crazy guess, and say that you're probably not willing to accept the first alternative, to be happy with less money and wait longer for a buyer.

The other alternative, hiring a professional, has a few disadvantages. The following five points are my opinions, ones that may not make me popular with the staging accreditation folks, but I can't control my enthusiasm for DIY home staging and my confidence in your abilities!

One: Save money

Saving on expenses is probably the big draw for people who decide to do their own staging. Professional home stagers are in business to make money. If you are not afraid to DIY, and you are willing to educate yourself about what makes good staging, you'll get results that pay off at closing time.

It's true that most staging companies will tailor their services to your needs, and you may even choose to get a kick-start from a stager who will give you a walk-through, consultation, and list of suggestions for a fee.

What woman doesn't want her own power tools?

Two: Choose your schedule 

You can work at your own pace. You can start the process and finish when you like because although staging will make money for you when you sell your home, you don't have to budget the time you invest. Your home staging could begin a year before you call your Realtor, or all your staging might be simple enough to happen in one weekend.

Three: Use what you own 

Some stagers make money when they rent furniture and props to you. On your own, you are more likely to use the best pieces of furniture you have. If you choose to make additional purchases, they'll be pieces you want for your next home.

When you stage your own home,
you are bound to learn some new skills.


Four: Know your family's lifestyle 

I don't mean decorating style. I mean lifestyle. You know better than a hired stager exactly what your family is willing to do to maintain the look of a staged home. Buyers don't expect a model home look in an occupied home (although there's nothing wrong with that look), but laundry, toys, toiletries, paperwork, and other "signs of life" need to be limited. No one knows your family's limits like you do.

Five: Have some fun

The satisfaction of a finished, well-done project is within your grasp. It's satisfying and gives you a feeling of control over your home's sale. When I am working on staging a home of my own, I feel like I am putting money in the bank. It's immensely gratifying.

And, you're bound to learn some new skills. These might include painting, sewing, organizing, thrifting, landscaping, framing, and other DIY techniques. So satisfying to step outside your comfort zone and achieve commendable results!

Get the look, get the book

I am here to help you. Use my blog for ideas and inspiration. Become a follower. Order my eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar. You can do this!