Home staging calls for some pretty but simple props.

One easy, fast, and thrifty formula for turning a collection of mismatched junk into pretty props is to pick a color scheme and go with it.

Here's my example 

I chose black and white as my colors. When in doubt, this is your default color combination.

Call it ivory, cream, oyster, bone, alabaster, ebony, midnight, charcoal, inkwell, or any other descriptive tags paint companies want to dream up.

I didn't start my tablescape with anything especially striking or attractive. As you can see I used just a bunch of odds and ends I gathered. There was nothing that made them look like they had a future together.

Step one

First I taped off the parts of the lamp I didn't want to get spray painted white -- the bulb socket and the cord.

I always use white lampshades, so that was all set. I sprayed the lamp, and while it was drying, I brushed the pumpkin.

I actually staged this tabletop last autumn, and only recently discarded the pumpkin  -- six months later -- for showing signs of mold. I can't think of other vegetables that would hold up as well, but plastic fruits and vegetables are always in season!

This is how the collection of props
looked before their makeover.

Step two

I brushed the woven box with the same white latex semi-gloss paint I used on the pumpkin.

I used black and white wallpaper samples from the book I discussed here. It's a snap to cover books. Just measure, cut, and fold.

Step Three

I spray-painted the blue metal box and the brown planter, using black. Every stager needs a stash of black and white spray paints.

Then I went hunting for a black and white print to hang behind my new vignette. Classic black and white shots are everywhere -- notecards, postcards, magazines, old photographs, gift shops, catalogs, and even newspapers. Your frame can be simple, like what I chose, or ornate. Your magical color scheme makes it all work together.

You can do this

In no time what was a fairly ugly assortment of odds and ends came together to form a sophisticated and pleasing vignette.

Make sure your collection has a variety of shapes, sizes and textures.

There are plenty of other budget-friendly ways to add style to your home when it's time to sell.
When house hunters look at homes, they usually look at lots of them. Make your home be the one they remember and want.

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