The Man: He likes the outdoors, but he won't hunt or fish.

1. No matter how crazy my ideas sound to him, he always encourages me to do what I want.
2. He smells great, even when he's a mess.
3. He's quiet as a mouse in the morning so he doesn't wake me.
4. He's quiet all day long.
5. We never lack for conversation.
6. He's generous.
7. He's loyal.
8. I know I can trust him with my heart.
9. Even his corny jokes are funny.
10. He never says, "What's taking you so long?!"

 The patriot: Ready for the July 4 parade in the 1977 mgb he restored.

11. He's never late.
12. This guy can fix anything!
13. He's sexy, but no one knows that (until now).
14. He's smarter than I am, but he thinks I am smarter.
15. Never makes a mistake when he types. Amazing.

The kiss that sealed the deal. August 15, 1992.

16. He doesn't swear. Except to be funny. And then, it cracks me up!
17. He loves dogs and horses.
18. He never yells. Ever.
19. When he decides to do something, there's no stopping him.
20. He's much stronger than he looks.
21. He's kind, and he makes it look easy.
22. Football and fishing bore him.

The worker: Mr. Lucky painting his mother's house. Such a son!

23. We both love baseball.
24. When there is one chocolate left, he will leave it for me, even though I would not do this for him.
25. When he snores, it's melodic.
26. He shaves every day.
27. He doesn't ogle other women or flirt with them.
28. He's handsome.
29. He doesn't smoke, drink, or gamble.

The man of leisure: His other woman will always be his boat. I hope.

30. He has a full head of wavy hair.
31. He gave up junk food and cigarettes for me.
32. He's always there for his family, even when "there" is a two-day drive.
33. Other men respect him and seek his advice.
34. Cute buns.
35. In 20 years he has never criticized or embarrassed me. So far, so good.
36. He's incapable of lying. Not even little white lies.
37. He personifies kindness.
38. He will eat whatever I cook and serve.

The dude who makes all my dreams come true. I have to be careful what I wish for.

39. He likes going out to eat. With me.
40. He never presses his religious or political opinions on others.
42. Did I mention the buns?
43. Nothing seems to scare him. How can that be?
44. He will work harder than any one I know, and he never leaves anything unfinished.
45. He doesn't brag or boast.
46. He's efficient. Very. Opposites attract.
47. He's always polite and courteous to strangers.
48. He doesn't worry.
49. Revenge and spite are foreign concepts to him.
50. He takes good care of our money, our dog, our yard, and our cars. And me.
51. Bonus Point: He's a good kisser.

Happy Valentines Day, Honey. I love you. 

 The traveler: While we were vacationing in New Mexico last month.