Bedrooms may not be the first room buyers check out when they tour a home, but how much they like the bedrooms, especially the primary one, has a major influence on how much they like the house.

How do your bedrooms look?

Let's run down my list of essentials.

First, the tangibles.
If you can keep your decor to only these items, so much the better, unless you have a large room to furnish.

Dress the bed  

Whatever the style of the bed itself, doll it up to look inviting. Bed-in-a-bag is the easiest way to go, but you can put together your own combination of bed covering and pillows.  Stay away from dated colors and styles.  Avoid anything too girly or too dark.

Add reflections   

Every bedroom needs a bit of sparkle, and a mirror, even a small one adds that. If possible, position it to reflect another window, not the bed itself or a light fixture. Mirrors are common at second-hand stores, so you have no excuse for skipping this step.  Paint the frame if it needs prettying up.

Next, the side table  

A small bedroom can be staged without a dresser to give it a larger feel, but you'll still need a nightstand or table of some sort. You can get creative with your choices because you needn't have a traditional matching set. A larger bedroom does call for two.

Light up the space 

Floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp -- whatever you have, place it near the bed. It's only logical.  Overhead illumination and natural lighting are important, so do your best to maximize them, but a lamp makes a room feel cozy, even when it's off.

Plants are a big plus 

No staged room is complete without some suggestion of greenery. Make it flowers, a plant, or just some leaves. Even if it is faux, a plant makes a room come to life.

Art is instant personality

The last of our tangibles is some sort of wall decoration. Look for restful scenes or soft abstracts. Black and white prints or photos always add a sophisticated vibe, and a wall-hung quilt adds a homey touch.

Despite some dark colors, this room feels light and airy. All the essentials are here for a successfully staged bedroom. Photo: decorpad

Appeal to the senses

Besides the tangibles, bedrooms benefit from certain intangibles. The first of these is a sense of luxury. Both the photos above capture that feeling through their reliance on textures and attention to details.  Simplicity is luxurious. Layered fabrics are luxurious. Dramatic lighting is luxurious. What luxury touches can you add to your bedrooms?

Another intangible is the absence of any reminders of the world outside. If there is a garden view or water view, that adds to a feeling of specialness to any bedroom. On the other hand, a television, exercise machine, computer, or a work desk only bring the outside and its responsibilities in. Adults look for a retreat when they picture their ideal bedroom. Does your staged bedroom feel private and secure?

Don't forget the intangible of scent. As evocative as they are, scents should be a part of the staging package.  Keep them light and clean, never overpowering. Using essential oils lessens the chance that chemically-sensitive people will have problems touring your home.

Choose colors wisely 

Lastly, review your color scheme to eliminate any unpleasant color combinations. Grey is the still a trendy color for home furnishings. It's restful and adult-like, so if you're planning to paint some bedrooms, look over the thousands of greys available.

Soothing colors, abundant lighting,  flowers, paintings, and mirrors  
These bedrooms are stage-worthy. Photos: TheLennoxx 

Tempt them 

Do your bedrooms seduce buyers or put them to sleep? Bedrooms can be the easiest rooms in the house to stage, so they are a good place to start if it's time to begin staging your home for sale.

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