Both the new baseboards and the ceramic floor were were real estate enhancements that will impress buyers.  We hope.
Our total bill from flooding isn’t tallied yet, but by the time we pay Mr. Sucker, and the flooring guy, and Mr. Carpenter, and add the cost of new baseboards (about $500) it will go over $10,000.  Gulp!

To look at the episode in a different light, we have added ceramic flooring to two places where it really packs a punch – the entrance area (above), which is one of the first things a buyer would see, and my cutesy little dry bar area, which got a giant style shot in the arm from the sexy, new, white flooring. 

The other quality quotient boost came from the new baseboards, which we beefed up to 5.5 inches.  Details like wider trim make a big difference, so it’s something to consider if you are remodeling as well as staging your home for sale.

I also see the new vinyl flooring as an upgrade.  It’s a better quality than what was there, and it’s a lighter color, so the kitchen and baths all look cleaner and bigger. 

Finally, by calling in the Mr. Make-it-right we can tell any buyer that the water damage was professionally corrected. 

Although all these things don’t deliver in benefits what they actually cost us, I am going to pretend that they do.  Just for my own sanity.