A tabletop prop should add something to the room.
Every year the garden club I belong to has an auction of members’ white elephants.  It’s an intramural fundraiser and a good one because, as we all know, one woman’s trash is another woman’s folly.

The auction is actually a raffle, and we hold it when we host our annual luncheon. 

Members buy raffle tickets, place them in tin cans set next to the displayed items, and then wait until after our meal for one number to be drawn from each can. 

When I saw this leaded glass terrarium, I stuffed all my raffle tickets into that one can.  And I won it, as they say on eBay when you have bought something.  For five bucks, I have an interesting item I know I’ll use for staging somewhere sometime.

When you are staging your own home, it's always a good idea to have some options, a little more than you need  in the way of props, so that you can experiment until you get that magic mix of accessories.  

Sometimes you don't know what is going to showcase your home's best assets until you see it in 3-D, in the light of day. So, I like to keep an variety of props on hand to experiment with.

These items might be dishes and other ceramic items, glassware, lamps, vases, wall art, trays, silk flowers and found items from nature.    

For fun, I tried different possibilities with my new toy, the terrarium.

Silk ivy leaves had no pizazz.

First I put a silk ivy plant in it.  Nothing terribly exciting.

Then I tried an antique tea pot.  Nice, but a little too museum-like.

I put a candle holder with a yellow candle inside. Not terribly interesting.  How about the candle my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas, the luscious bunch of asparagus?  We're getting closer.

Finally, the one I like best is leaving it empty and using silk flowers next to it, all on a silver tray.  I'm glad I won my glass terrarium staging prop.

Maybe Mr. Lucky’s not the only one around here who gets what he wants.  Luck is really a state of mind, and a good one to cultivate.

A recent study I read about showed that people who thought they had been given a good luck charm (by the researchers) actually performed better on tests.

The teapot looks too much like a stuffy display.

I liked this candle, but I couldn't light it or smell it any more!

Leaving the glass house empty turned out to be just right.

Today I want to encourage you to cultivate a lucky state of mind.  Believe that you will sell your home for a price that makes you happy! 

Meanwhile, be on the lookout for props that help with your home staging.  Trust me, you'll get lucky.

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