As I said in my home staging eBook, I like to see a mirror in every room. Of course it’s a given in the bathroom.

When we investigated medicine cabinets at Lowes we learned that for the price of a plain old generic one, we could have a big, handsome mirror.

We left with two different styles, each almost 3 x 4 feet. They contribute to a more contemporary look, and add lots of glamour and the illusion of space to our small bathrooms.

The mirrors were on sale so they cost about $50 each.

We looked at equally large mirrors at some discount stores, and some were even cheaper, but they didn’t have a beveled edge, which gave the ones we bought that added heft and high-quality look.

Black and white: unbeatable

We chose one black and one white framed mirror. The more masculine black one we hung in the master bath. It has a row of silver studs encircling the frame.

Coincidentally, I had purchased some black and white polka dot ribbon to tie up towels and toiletries in the bath, so everything fell together quite nicely.

For those toiletries, I stumbled on a clear plastic aqua plate at Goodwill, bought it for 99 cents. I mean, it looks like something hand-blown in Italy. On this I arranged an assortment of bath products that I chose for their aqua labels as much as for their good quality (Jason) because I plan to use these myself.

Bubbles and duckies, etc.

In the other bath, I loaded a pale wicker basket with an apothecary jar of sea salt, some bars of handmade soap, a coiled hand towel,  a sponge, a loofa, an empty atomizer of air freshener, a Dollar Tree jar of shower gel, and a cute yellow rubber duckie. What’s not to love? I tied it up with a square of tulle. 

Towels are a very important prop for staging. More than anything else you’ll put in your staged home, towels speak of luxury. This is one place where recycling just won’t do. Treat yourself to fluffy new towels, preferably white. They’ll go with you to your next home.

I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and hunted down a few towels, as well as a couple of deliciously scented candles, something else I don’t like to get at the dollar store because I’ll be burning them in my own home someday. And because better quality candles give off more scent even when unlighted.

That’s really important in a staged home.

For the master bathroom, I wanted a sophisticated
collection of luxury spa items on the vanity. 

The last things I put in the master bath were a black and white photograph of a sailing yacht on the wall, and a vase of silk flowers on the toilet tank.

I had more fun decorating the baths than any other room. I deserved a fun project. I had spent all the previous day cleaning the hard water-scummed shower stall. Now it sparkles.