Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Arrange Furniture

I get so many questions about what furniture to put where, that I’ve collected all the tips and tricks, all the best professional designer advice, all the guidelines and formulas in one place -- an eBook.

Cost to you: just $4.99

Return on investment: Incalculable!

Here's the kinds of things you'll learn:
  • How to create a dining room that gets used!
  • What to do about a corner fireplace
  • 4 Unusual ways to test your furniture arrangement
  • How to find a focal point
  • How to take measurements and when not to bother
  • 7 Tips that make a home office function well
  • How to make large rooms feel comfortable and small rooms feel spacious
  • What to do about a path that goes between television and couch
  • How to easily place wall art
  • Best arrangements for narrow rooms
  • Plus tips on 
          Family Rooms
          Staging your home for sale

I’ve titled this extra-helpful book How to Arrange Furniture -- A Guide to Improving Your Home Using  What What You Have. It’s a 25-page pdf that you download now.

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