Monday, September 8, 2014

Ten Ways Window Treatments Help Sell Your Home

Admit it, your house has problems.

Every house does. Even if you love your home, buyers will find things to criticize.

As a seller, you want that list of problems to be very short. Like, no-deal-breakers short.

Here's where window treatments can be your ally. Draperies, curtains, shades, blinds and shutters are some of a home stager's most dependable problem solvers.

I'm counting ten different ways they can remedy a look or situation that most buyers don't like.

Make Windows Look Larger

Buyers love big windows. Big windows admit more light, look modern, make the rooms fell more spacious, and create views.
The way windows get dressed makes them look big and important, or not.
These windows look terrific because the draperies don't cover any of
the window opening. They are hung high and wide. Take note.   

When curtains and drapes like these creamy white ones are a color similar
to the wall color, they help the room read big. The horizontal lines of the 
blinds, the rug and the drapery rod also widen the space.


The fabric of this roman shade softens the look of the kitchen, and does so
without using much material, a money saver. Notice that the shade is hung almost 
completely above the window frame, suggesting a larger opening.

Here's a bedroom that's managed to combine both rustic and refined vibes. 
The warm brown tones create a soothing palette echoed by the window shade.

Curtains like these are perfect solutions to a problem view. A roll-up shade or 
shutters would also work on a porch or balcony that overlooks ugliness.

Sheer panels are an easy way to minimize the impact of a view you'd
 rather forget. These are dressed with ribbon to make them look 
custom. I like that the drapery rods repeat the ribbon's gold color. 

Choose adjustable blinds when privacy and light control are an issue. 
Wide ones like these deliver some upscale style, 
but don't shy away from ordinary mini blinds either.

The windows in this bedroom resemble the sliding glass door because
 they are all dressed with white sheers on black rods. To echo to the motif, 
the bed canopy has similar black rods.

 Lilac drapes frame this large multi-paned window that could be 
the room's focal point and a selling feature. It even appears that the 
fabric color matches the flowers blooming outside!

The valance of shirred natural burlap adds a little color and some texture,
and supports the informality of this dining nook. 

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