Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrifty Decor: How to Give Rooms a Fresh Look with Greenery

The vase that accompanied the flowers I received for
Mother's Day has become my favorite for arranging greenery
Greenery is a big deal. It's essential in every room of the staged home.

Okay, maybe not the laundry room.

I’ve blogged often about the reasons I prefer silk plants and silk flowers.

Silks are especially helpful if the home you're selling is unoccupied, because they look beautiful without any attention.

But, if you are living in the home you're selling, and you have a yard or garden, it seems a shame not to spruce up your staged home with the real stuff.

Rather than traditional floral arrangements, I prefer simple arrangements of greenery for staging. Here’s why: 

Greenery lasts longer than flowers. It’s less likely to wilt, discolor, or drop pollen. In other words, it will save you time and trouble. 

Plain foliage it less distracting –- and that’s important in a staged space. You want buyers to notice the persuasive selling points of your home rather than a bunch of blooms that take over the room. 

Natural greenery goes with any interior color scheme. While you may not have enough of the perfect color blossoms to carry you through the summer selling season, there’s always something green growing.

Green leaves look refreshing. I love flowers, I have my own cutting garden, and I keep fresh cut flowers in the house from spring until fall, but when it comes to adding a living, vegetal quality to a room, nothing beats well-groomed greenery –- either a plant or a simple cluster or foliage.

If you prune shrubs around your home, use the trimmings like these
Euonymous clippings to make a simple arrangement in glass. 
Almost any plant gives you something to work with. This
bud vase holds the strappy leaves of daylily plants.
Simplicity is  what we’re talking about here. To make that simple cluster of greens extra refreshing and upbeat, I like glass containers. 

Nothing matches the clean impression that glass gives.

Whether it's that spa-like vibe you want in bath or bedroom, that spotlessly clean feeling in a kitchen, that sophisticated mood in the living room, or that  uncluttered sensation in the foyer, glass is your go-to floral container.

Glass vases will never clash with a room's color scheme. And they won't steal the show from the arrangement itself.

Here are some pointers to make your greenery in glass even more successful as props in a staged room. 

Use real glass, not plastic. Real glass looks clearer and reflects light the way plastic doesn’t. Crystal is good too, but I always discourage people from displaying anything too valuable in a home for sale. 

Clean your glass until it glistens. Scrub it with a magic eraser, rinse it well, and dry it with a microfiber cloth to remove spots and stains. 

Fill the container only half full. People feel good when they see the surface of water. It’s a flat and level surface, so it’s grounding. Clear water builds trust; it sends a subtle message of transparency.

Choose only unblemished specimens. Since, without flowers, there won't be a riot of color and textures, each stem, leaf, or blade of grass should be as near to perfect as you can manage.

These branches of Photina I cut from a hedge on the edge of my yard didn't look
like the sole makings of a striking arrangement, until I removed the leaves.

These are the same Photina branches. Don't be afraid to remove parts of plants
to focus exclusively on more interesting parts. A fishbowl makes an ideal container. 

No yard or garden? No problem. Most florists will sell assorted greenery like ferns and stems
of tropical plants. If you regularly buy floral bouquets for your home, remember to save
the greenery after the roses or daisies or lilies have lived their lives.

Be bold. Try placing just one stem of elephant's ear plant or long needle pine in a glass 
vessel. Chances are it will look downright elegant.  

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