The cushion cover with a flange is easier to
sew than one with piping on the edge.  

When you have pets and your home is for sale, you have additional challenges to keep your home show-ready for buyers.

I blogged about selling a home when you have pets, but I didn’t mention animal bedding. No, not staging it all fancy, just keeping it clean.

My dog Misty has a bed in every room. When the one in my office started looking depressing, I decided it was time for a renewal -- a new slipcover.

I made the slip the same way I made the flanged pillows I blogged about earlier this week.

This cover will be easily removable because of the envelope back. The flanged edge makes it less crucial that the pattern matches at the side seams.

I know Misty appreciates her new bed cover. Heck, she appreciates everything. Everything but baths.

Misty's bed in the office is an upcycled loveseat cushion. She likes it for
its roominess and cushy comfort, so there was no need to replace it.
My beagle is camera shy. Like lots of ladies, she does not enjoy having her picture taken.
I am so jealous when I see photos of other people's dogs happily posing for their photo ops.  
Misty -- she's getting ready to bolt here -- won't care if geometric patterns go out
of style. This bed should keep her happy for a long time; it has a familiar scent,
but I can easily remove it and pop it in the washing machine.  
It goes without saying, I hope, that the staged home you and your pet share will smell fresh and clean. Dog beds aren't usually a problem in that regard, but litter boxes can be. Be diligent, because the scent of animals, even to animal-lovers, can be a deal-breaker.
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Misty would rather be walking the beach, smelling dead stuff, than sleeping.