What are the chances that someone would consider a home staging prop like this to be valuable?
Have you ever had a day when your faith in the goodness and sanity of the human race was called into question?  That would be my yesterday.

It wasn’t a string of events that eroded my confidence in people.  It wasn’t a major news story.  It wasn’t a friend’s betrayal or something Mr. Lucky said. 

It was that someone who came to look at our property for sale, someone accompanied by a realtor, someone who has money or credit to buy a property listed at $145,000, stole our remote.  Yes, the obsolete, battery-less, cheap, little, generic channel changer.  Can you believe it?  I couldn’t. 

Mr. Lucky noticed it was missing as soon as we walked through the room I’d staged as a TV room.  We quickly ascertained that it wasn’t misplaced, but taken. 

Yes, yes, I know.  Those of you who have read my eBook DIY Home Staging Tips know that I recommend not setting out in a staged home anything small enough to easily fit into someone’s pocket or purse. 

All I can say is, I gave good advice.  Too bad I didn’t follow it. 

But I really wanted that remote sitting handily there right next to the comfy leather sofa.  I want it so bad that I am going to find another remote and hot glue it to the contact paper I hot glued to the tabletop. 

Even if I have to look under all the couch cushions at home to find one!