We had sort of a fire drill here today. Our realtor, Ms. Speedy, called to say her associate broker MAY bring a lady who is possibly interested in our house (yes, the one we are presently living in!) over to see it, like, TODAY or sometime this week. Gadzooks!

Out comes the vacuum.

Into the closets go bunches of stuff.

Out comes the Windex (not green here).

Change the pillow cases. Tidy up the walk-in closet.

Sweep the steps.

Wipe the front door.

Attack the shower door.

Hide the craft supplies, dog brush, piles of papers waiting to be shredded....Mr. Lucky helped. He even shampooed problem areas of the carpet. Bless his heart.

No one came yet, but it was instructive, and helpful in the long run.

Could the house be shown at a worse time, when our best stuff is elsewhere for staging--over at the waterfront condo we fixed up and staged for resale?