White milk glass, a white tray, 
white candles, and some glass globes 
from a fan light all came out of the closet.
When in doubt, go with white. That's my motto.

Since so many of my draperies, side tables, greenery, artwork and assorted d├ęcor tchotchkes are on loan at our for-sale condo, my living room at home has been looking sparse for the past month.

Over the weekend I decided to remedy that, and at the same time, give the living room a summery vibe.

Easy Solution

My simple approach was to make a sweep of the house, hunting down anything white.  The only white in my living room, besides the trimwork, has been two lamp shades, a painted and distressed tall table, and the painted brick fireplace.

Here’s some of what I scrounged to add to the mix and fill in the gaps:
  • Gauzy white curtains from the back of my sewing closet to cover the two windows
  • A collection of milk glass pieces I keep meaning to sell on eBay
  • A large white plastic serving bowl that from a distance looks like porcelain
  • A white urn I tell myself I am going to convert to a lamp someday 
  • Three white flower pots from my garden shed
  • An off-white tray from up high in the kitchen cabinets 
  • One chunky white vase that went immediately onto the mantle
  • A white china duck that belonged to my mother
  • An eight-inch round whitewashed basket
  • A white linen tablecloth and white seat cushions for the dining room table that’s visible from the living room
  • Two frosted white globes from a ceiling fan/light we removed years ago
  • A stack of white and off-white books from my bookshelves
  • Mr. Lucky’s Panama hat 
Then I dug out some white upholstery fabric and sewed a cover for animal print seat on a side chair. I needed to replace an end table so I looked in the garage for that old 36-inch round of fiberboard that has screw-on legs, and draped it with a white quilt.  And finally, I made a 14-inch wide white tissue paper flower and set it in a white metal flower holder.

Everything looks nice and fresh.

For a simple approach to decorating your staged home, think about a white-on-white color scheme.  It's goof-proof.

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