I thought these cheery, scented lantana 
blossoms would be ideal by the front door,
 but, alas, they needed more care than I gave them.
Those of you who have read my ebook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar, know that I am big on greenery. 

Today I want to talk about outdoor greenery.

I hate it when I don’t listen to my own advice and it comes back to bite me. I’ve written that in the staged-for-sale home, outside greenery, unless it is part of the maintenance-free landscaping, should be faux. Good quality faux. Not cemetery flowers faux.

What can be more inviting that a basket or bucket of colorful blooms by the front door?

Or even a convincing silk fern?  Really, they’re made so well today that unless you go the really cheapo route, or leave them in direct sun for months, they look fabulous. 

But while staging the front door area and the deck of our condo on the market, I convinced myself that real flowers were the way to go. 

They’re fresh, they’re genuine, and they’re even fragrant, I mused as I potted up some geraniums, lantana and petunias. Since we live about two minutes from the property, I told myself that I’d be by daily to water them.

Wrong. We’ve had weeks of high heat with scant rainfall, so I’ve already replaced some dead plants, and the ones remaining don’t seem all that happy. 

I think I’ll follow my own instructions and go shopping for pretty silk greenery. Where’s that coupon for 50% off any one item priced under $20 at the home d├ęcor store?