This table is tall enough to
give househunters the message 
that they will have a  wonderful 
water view during dinner.   
The table and chairs that my daughter and son-in-law loaned us to help stage the condo MAKE the place.

 I mean, those two made money for us by loaning us that set.

The scale, the colors, the style--it sets the tone for the whole unit, bumping it up a big ol' notch.

Staging from scratch is difficult when you don't have extra furniture. Renting furniture is iffy, and something I did not want to do.

Although I believe this condo will sell quickly, I won't be able to factor in the cost of rental furniture. I don't know how long I'll need it, and the cost adds up quickly if you are using rooms of rental furniture.

Also, sometimes rental companies require a minimum number of months.

The easy solution -- if you can do it -- is to borrow.

If you need some furniture to stage a room of the house you are selling, remember that family and friends can be excellent sources.