Most Popular DIY Projects for Staging Your Home

Improve curb appeal with a front door that looks brand new. 
Here's my selection of favorite and simple projects you can do yourself to improve the appearance and value of your home when it's time to sell.

Or any time you want to give your home a facelift!

Home staging is the answer to the problem of a home being on the market for too long. That's when it's costing a seller money in taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

There's also the stress factor and the in-limbo feeling of living in a staged home for sale while you wait for a buyer.

Don't let that be your problem. These DIY home staging projects are what can make your home the winner in buyers' eyes.

They are all economical, easy to do, and geared especially for home sellers. Be sure to order my eBooks that will help you with every aspect of home staging.

An old microfiber chair gets a new lease on life with a number of different style options.

Upcycle and update furniture the professional painters' way for a quality look.
Create your own padded headboard for a bedroom, on a shoestring. 
When the landscape needs a haircut, there's a smart way to prune shrubs.
Dressing up your house with a garage door repaint is easy when you know how.

You don't need new lamps. Get the quality and color you want with a little DIY work
Making your own planters that look like stone is a novel and fun DIY project.
The pomander: A home staging and d├ęcor prop that smells as good as it looks. 
This simple and novel fabric wreath is one way to add holiday color and style.
Staging a bedroom requires a bed. Here's what to do when there's no bed.

A DIY fountain near your front door greets visitors with a welcoming sound.  
Yes, you can make your own outdoor cushions and save a bunch of money!

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