Thursday, December 25, 2014

Round-Up: This Blog's Best Home Staging Posts of 2014

Choosing a front door color - that's just one topic!  

My blog’s focus has always been to provide the kind of information that helps a home seller get a better price for her home with fewer days on the market.

Looking back at 2014, I’ve selected the seven posts that I think are the most helpful to that end. 

Kick Off the Year! 

In January I wrote about what most Americans list as their number one New Year’s resolution – getting organized.

Based on my own experience and the advice of experts, here is an ultra-simple, two-step process to getting and staying organized.

Save Your Money 

Sticking to a home staging budget is one challenge that faces everyone who’s trying to dress up her home for the increasingly demanding real estate market.

Here’s a list of best ways I know to get the most for your money when you’re prepping your home for sale.

Power to the Props 

Details make the difference. Once a home is cleaned and decluttered, you’ll need some decor accessories that deliver the message, “Buy me. You’ll love me.” Here are the special home staging props that earn their keep day after day.
In March I listed my six favorite props for staging your home.  

Living in Your Staged Home 

Keeping a prettied, shined, and tidied home show-ready can become a non-stop job if you live there like normal people. Buyers don't expect an immaculate setting, but spaces can't look distractingly messy either. 

With some clever planning and rethinking, maintaining that model home look is a whole lot less daunting.

Best Front Door Colors 

I know one decorator who tells her clients, “Painting your front door changes everything!” I agree. But selecting the right front door color isn’t always a breeze.

Here’s tips that make the decision easier and guarantee you and buyers will love the improved curb appeal.

Get in Gear 

If you have trouble staying motivated, welcome to the club. I outline the seven powerful strategies that let you accomplish goals, stay on track, and save your sanity no matter what your schedule looks like.

DIY Wall Decor  

Art on the walls solves a list of home staging problems. Art injects personality, fills up bare spaces, sets your home’s style, adds color, balances the weight in a room, and adds another layer to your decorating.  I show you how to create one of the easiest DIY art pieces, the abstract painting
October's art project: It looks messy, but the results are stunning.

I want to thank you, my reader, for checking this blog, and for following me on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. I'm sending you my best wishes for a New Year that makes all your dreams come true.

If selling your home is one of your resolutions for 2015, you'll want to download my home staging eBooks to help that dream come  true. 

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