Monday, July 2, 2012

What Your Bedroom Says About You

The bed should look interesting. Comfortable. Finished

A puffy duvet takes the work out of bed making. Also, if your bed is stationed
with space on both sides, the job goes more quickly.

When your home is on the market and you live in it, keeping the place show-ready can be a challenge. The simpler you can make your life in this transitional phase of your life, the better.
A staged bed needs at least three and no more than five fluffy pillows.
Keep the colors simple and harmonious. Photo: BHG 

I have blogged about the headboard, the color scheme, the style, the bedskirt, the essentials, and the furniture a staged bedroom should have.
For more help on staging bedrooms -- and all the rooms of your home -- download my $4.99 eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar.

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