Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five Things to Do to Sell Your Home

I could not have said it better than Barbara Cocoran did in an interview this week with Matt Lauer. 

Funny thing is, watching this video, I count six tips to sell your home. To summarize, Barbara says:

1. Time your selling right. February happens to be a good time.
2. Price your property 10% below your competitor's asking price, even though you may hate to do it
3. Get an inspection before listing your home. Fix what needs fixing.
4. Offer financial incentives upfront. Don't wait until you are negotiating to sweeten the deal.
5. Wage war online, including hiring a professional photographer.
6. Spend money on three key areas -- kitchen, living room, and front facade.

Watch the video clip to learn the logic and details of each of these pointers. It's a terrific nutshell primer on selling a home in today's market. Thanks, from one Barbara to another.

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