Monday, January 24, 2011

Seen Any Photos of Scantily Dressed Rooms?

Staging is going to make your home show better online, where the first battle for buyers’ attention is being waged. Look at the two photos above and tell me which piques your interest and gives more information about the property. Photo:

There are different schools of thought about how much furniture a staged room ought to have. 

Some stagers suggest that by setting a bed, just a bed, in a room, buyers will know that the room is a bedroom. They say a single piece of furniture is enough.

I couldn't disagree more. Staging does more than let the buyer know the room’s primary function.

This kind of scant staging, as economical as it is, won’t:
  • Capture the imagination of the buyer. 
  • Make the home memorable (except in a self-defeating way). 
  • Provide information like scale and possible secondary uses for the spaces. 
  • Emphasize the property’s assets. 
  • Attract as many househunters. 
  • Create confidence in the unseen infrastructure and general maintenance of the house which will justify its asking price. 
  • Compare well to similar properties that are staged. 
  • Set the scene for beautiful photographs which are so important in today’s Web-focused real estate market.
Statistics show that 90 percent of all real estate searches now begin online. Most people who are interested in purchasing a home do their own research on the web before they visit a realtor. What they see online -- in addition to the specifics like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and school district -- is photos.

Are you dressing your rooms scantily or furnishing them to be photogenic? 

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