Thursday, January 20, 2011

Decor Trends Favor DIY Home Stagers

I read the news and I like it. 

Trends in interior decoration are welcome news for DIY home stagers.

The trend-spotters are saying that Americans expect to spend more time at home because of the financial crunch.

If they're looking for a home to buy, they are more likely than in past years to be looking for homey homes, homes that aren't just showplaces, but have some old fashioned elements mixed in with some touches of trendiness.

You'll see more white in the coming year. Get out your paint brush and freshen up your home. Staging still calls for some color on the walls to boost the charm factor. Photo: Country Living.

More white!  But a smattering of greens keeps the look fresh and interesting. Older furniture, and even the light fixture, were painted white -- a good choice for DIY stagers. Photo: House Beautiful.

Repurposing is fashionable. A bench becomes a table, and it's on trend. A sweater can become a pillow cover, and greeting cards can become framed art. Photo: Jeff McNamara in Real Simple.

Another roomful of white, dressed with leggy chairs and wood dining or working table. Buyers love light (who doesn't?), and white bounces light all around. The flowers, branches and bird posters accessorize the room with nature, like gentle reminders of the nearby outdoors. 
Photo: Annie Schlecter via
There's plenty to love about predictions for how interior decoration is headed in 2011.

There's also plenty to love about the ideas in my homestaging eBook, DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar. You can donwload it immediately and start sprucing up your home on the market now!

Top photo: Meredith Corp.

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